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mikel_: what desktop environment? unity i am not aware of unity to have issues ;) unity desktop of ubuntu, used 11.10 yeah so the stuff is broken on your system on my other laptop (debian testing), i get same behavior on opening the local drive asac: on the 32bit OS is there a way to see if this file is broken on other systems? asac: other than testing asac: on the 64bit OS, the result is different, it lets me browse the drive, but does not show anything. it also lets me browse the drive on the other computer with the 32bit OS mikel_: what is your idea to debug this? asac: the same as yours make sure you got all updates and test again asac: i was thinking of creating a bug for it asac: another computer to test it no. just test on all boxes and dont trust yourself when you see issues asac: it's funny, but i can see how people can get issues in bugs asac: on all boxes, i'm not seeing the issue so do the same :) asac: i've rebooted between even when you see it reproducing you cant really trust yourself asac: it's not reproducing for me, so it's very difficult to prove that it's a problem asac: on the other hand, it's been happening for some time asac: so, until it happens again mikel_: do you have files on that device? asac: yes asac: i've been testing it for the past several weeks, but if i was the only one, i would think that someone would have reported it thats why you should




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FlixGrab Crack Premium Version [Latest] Free Download

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