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What Antibiotics Are Used For Feline Uti

If your cat is particularly uncomfortable, your vet may prescribe anti-inflammatory pain medication—especially if treatment is delayed a few days while you wait for test results. Acute infections usually receive a relatively short course of antibiotics, while chronic UTIs may require longer antibiotic use. They may also prescribe pain medications (UTIs can be uncomfortable), and may recommend a diet change. Once the culture and sensitivity results are received, an appropriate antibiotic will be prescribed. After the course of antibiotics is given, it is important to recheck the urinalysis to confirm that the infection is resolved.

Commonly prescribed antibiotics for UTI include amoxicillin and cephalexin. Penicillin based antibiotics can also be used. However, pets susceptible to chronic UTI require additional preventive medication to prevent re-infection. Antibiotics cannot be prescribed too frequently, due to the various side effects involved.

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